Monday, March 22, 2010

Bowle me Over!

Who doesn't love the incredibly stylish, and fun loving Hamish Bowles?
His new place in NYC featured in this month's Vogue Living Australia definitely reflects his vibrant personality with marshmallow pink walls, amazing fabrics, priceless artwork and a gamut of bright colours.
Its the home of someone who undoubtedly loves design in all forms and is unafraid to embrace a mish mash of styles, tying it all together with that effervescent zest for life.

Unmistakably maximalist, its a house that I could imagine spending hours in examining every single nook and cranny, running my fingers over all the different textures, feasting my eyes on the treasured drawings and quirky sketches adorning the walls. I bet he would have a hilarious or touching story for almost every item in his charming abode too! A true example of surrounding yourself with only things that you truly love.

Oh and did you notice the cascading waterfall of silk ties in every eye popping shade imaginable? What a wonderful life indeed!

featured in Vogue Living Australia march/april 2010

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  1. Amazing shots - love the exquisite pastels... Your blog is like a spot of sunshine..:)