Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just COS

Sharp cheekbones plus great lighting equals magic. The broodingly reflective quality accentuated by a black and white finish. I've always admired the relative ease of men when it comes to dressing up. Turning out an impeccable image seems to require less fuss. Superb tailoring and classic pieces will stand you in good stead. If I were a guy, I would have all formal and evening wear by Tom Ford and suits for work made by Thom Browne. Casual attire would require nothing more than well-worn jeans and white or grey crew neck t shirts. An essential leather jacket and soft knits -preferably in black or navy and thats it. Oh, shoes are a whole different category.

images from COS


  1. These images are beautiful! Dramatic yet soft! Love the coats in them too.


  2. Well I think I have a new crush :)

  3. Mmm, I love sharp, defined cheekbones. This may sound like a weird thing to just talk about, but I worked as an intern for this designer, and he was doing this mini fashion shoot at a club as a promotional thing, so I had to dress and makeup the models. One of the male models had really defined, sharp, protruding cheekbones. It was so odd seeing it right in person, because you so rarely see people with features like that (at least I never do!) Anyway, I could hardly stop staring at him, lol. He was hot, too.

  4. Amber, its a great story! Models can look so unreal in person. But gorgeous, of course.