Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pictures from Napa Valley

As promised, here are some pictures from my trip to Napa in July! Quite a few vineyards were visited and too many glasses of wines were tasted, or more accurately, consumed. I'm not one to sip and spit. If you ever make it out to Napa, try driving to as many wineries as possible, you don't necessarily have to taste at each location but you'll probably enjoy the magnificent surroundings and unbeatable views. Take a walk, take pictures and just allow yourself to be transported.

I went to Domaine Chandon where champagne truffles were provided to match the champagne, also Rubicon which was amazing with its arched trellis and water fountains, not surprising since it's owned by the Coppola family. Robert Mondavi, Rutherford Hill, Jessup Cellars.
Highly recommend Grgich Hills Estate made famous by the movie Bottleshock, deservingly by the way because the wine is divine. Andretti, yes owned by Mario Andretti the champion race car driver. Sutter Home which we happened to drive past while stocking up on cheese and chocolate at Dean & Deluca. Lastly, Regusci where this adorable little fella was there to welcome all visitors...
One of the highlights on the trip was a visit to Thomas Keller's vegetable garden in Yountville. Though I did not get to enjoy the pinnacle of dining experiences at The French Laundry, I did roam around quite happily in its not so humble vegetable patch. It was actually a surprise discovery! After a day of cycling around the valley, a quick stop at Bouchon bakery was badly needed and ta-da, this little plot of heaven was but a few minutes away. [I stole a teardrop tomato, who could resist?]Also pictured are some ripe peaches from Ad Hoc's backyard and crab legs from Morimoto in downtown Napa where I had dinner twice. Suffice to say the sashimi was stunning but do not try it unless you're prepared to possibly ruin all future meals at lesser Japanese establishments. Also, if you're a foie gras fan, the chawan mushi (a traditional steamed egg custard) infused with foie gras has me salivating just thinking about it. I dare say, if you're sitting on the fence about foie gras, this tiny dish might just tip you over the edge!

all images snapped with my iphone -napa in sunny July


  1. Beautiful Napa Valley. I've been out to California several times, but I'm yet to experience Napa. The pictures are lovely and serve as a definite reminder of why I need to. Besides, any place where it's perfectly acceptable to drink wine all day gets a gold star in my book.

  2. All these photos were taken with your iphone?! Geeze! Such good quality! Looks incredible and the food looks so good! xx

  3. The pics of hign quality..amazing..now I am prefering nature food to spicy junks,,,:D