Friday, March 27, 2009

Travel bug

{To travel is a glorious indulgence and a necessity all at once}

A handy notebook is as essential as my passport! A place to scribble down my thoughts, write down wicked snippets of on dit inadvertantly overheard, directions offered by kind strangers, amateur sketchings when I'm feeling inspired at the Art musuems and reflective musings which may or may not make complete sense a few years on...

If only we could all look so impeccable while waiting for a nostalgic steam engine to chug along...

Vuitton's Damier canvas, a perfect companion.

Pack a luxurious cashmere bonnet to keep those ears warm

A cheery 'Arc en Ciel' umbrella in case of unhappy skies

A handy 'Poche toilette' for make-up and little trinkets

All packed? Don't be late for that flight...
but don't forget fashionable, fun footwear! Wedges seem more forgiving than stilettos for all that running around. Alors, Bon Voyage. Bisou bisou!

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