Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wedding Bells New York style

This precious glass featured in New York Weddings attracted my immediate attention so lets start with gifts first shall we?

This beyond beautiful 'Golden Sprig Glass' comes in a set of six from Michele Varian.
'The gold flecks in your eyes sparkle as brightly as...'

A walk in the park...with old hollywood glamour. The gown beaded with Swarovski crystals ensure you outshine everyone else, literally. A cultured freshwater pearl strand necklace adds that touch of class.

Fantastically witty and so practical [no worries about a threateningly fragile stem should anyone get too sloshed] this 'Inside Out Champagne Glass' can be found unsurprisingly at the MoMA Design Store.

This Monique Lhuillier silk organza dropped-waist gown with peacock feathers ensure you are the Belle of the Ball. Paired with a complementary bouquet of white dendrobium orchids and white ostrich feathers, a not-so-simple look but no less sexy.

Bluebell Boutonnieres at Jamie King & Jessica Zimmerman's May wedding.

According to the bride, this lovely picture was taken in front of orchid curtains that their designers "spent hours stringing, some from hundred feet up."
For an extra touch of magic, the couple washed their wedding rings in salt water the night before and left them to dry in the moonlight, so they’d be spiritually charged... le sigh

Of course an Oscar de la Renta gown and rose-cut diamond necklace by Tiffany & Co could be pretty magical too.

But what was Vera Wang thinking when she designed this 'empress pouf' dress? Shouldn't the acclaimed bridal designer know that no woman wants to go down the aisle thinking "God I hope my butt doesn't look too big in this!"

Giambattista Valli however made this perfectly right. Its exquisite scalloped trim ensures the gown is demure but far from boring. People will be staring for all the right reasons.

The bride may not be blushing but these rose coloured macarons add a Parisien flair and better yet avoids the fussiness of a towering cake so that you can make that get away so much quicker.

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