Saturday, March 21, 2009

Les fleurs

...but day embraces the heat of spring
the river thames sparkle like gems for a king...

just two lines of a small poem I wrote for my baby brother who's leaving on a three-week jaunt tomorrow, the longest he's ever been away.

Floral dresses from the spring-summer collection of Giambattista Valli and Oscar de la Renta had me enraptured. Dreamy shades of cream and feminine bursts of colour truly announcing the hopeful dawn of a new season.

Also for my young cousin who just got engaged, how perfect is that last shoe for a modern take on "something blue"?

I knew the tradition of including these little touches in a wedding but never quite understood what "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" was actually meant to symbolise. Apparently, something blue denotes love, modesty and fidelity. Amusing really considering that a garter is usually the choice for that oh so modest hint of blue.

{pictures from Vogue.}
To be honest, the ethereal quality of the flower and the sense of calm and serenity it invoked really lifted my spirits today. I was in a bookstore this afternoon, lost in thought, when a man came up behind me and shouted "You go to hell!". I was stunned. Slowly turning around, I saw a man standing barely two steps away, snarling at me as if I had murdered a loved one. And yet, I knew naught of him, had never even seen him before that exact moment much less give him cause for such an extreme expression of hatred. The immense force of his anger directed at me was so strong I couldn't breathe. The second time he raised a single finger, jabbing it in the direction of my face and yelled "I said you go to hell!". Dazed, I looked around for help. When I turned back he had disappeared around a corner.
Announcements were later made in the store apologising for several incidents and explaining that security had detained the man who was apparently not mentally stable. 'He must have said unpleasant things to others too then' I told myself. But the negativity of that shocking incident couldn't be so easily erased. Even though the logical conclusion was that he had picked me randomly to rant at, the horrible feeling of being so completely and intensely loathed for those surreal scant seconds weighed me down for the rest of the day like a heavy winters' coat.

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