Friday, April 24, 2009

Driftwood and seafood

This lunch is looking mighty appealing to me at this moment. I usually find that I study better with an empty stomache. It leaves you more awake. The edge that is missing when you're drowsy and contented after a meal and all you're thinking about is "hmm, a nap sounds like a good idea". Regardless, this plate from none other than the Thomas Keller's famed French Laundry would beckon to anyone. And salmon is brain food isn't it?

Seafood is never better than savoured by the sea. Either with a glass of white wine at an alfresco restaurant with the sound of the waves at close proximity or with a humble brown bag, torn open to reveal delicious deepfried fish and chips while keeping one's precarious perch on the steps of a splintered wooden boardwalk. The second option strictly to be eaten with one's hands of course, all the better to lick off the flaky coarse salt that remains after the meal has been devoured.

Since traipsing to the beach is undoubtedly out of the question today, I shall have to make do. I find that gazing at this piece of art painted onto a natural birch panel is a perfect alternative. The choppy strokes and evocative deep blue transport you to the loveliest coast. All you need is your imagination.

Painting 'the youngest coast'

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