Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Selby - Paris

Everyone's smitten with the Selby at the moment. Some of the foremost creative minds in the art, design, fashion and food industry open their homes to photographer Todd Selby offering a rare glimpse into their fantastical habitats.

I'ved looked at 9 Paris apartments featured on The Selby's page and curated some of my favourites.

Nadège winter's whimsical fairy lights and her so true take on the city of love.

Maison du macaron, or Pierre Herme's abode.

Je veux la même chose. Its almost delightfully childish but so vibrant and..astrological?
Selby certainly has a talent for putting his subjects at ease, revealing their private possessions, wacky collections and allowing their sense of humour to shine through.

Xavier veilhan's home, interesting sculpures to be found at every turn. And who can't relate to the cafeteria thing hmm?

While the photographer does miniature 'portraits' of the characters, the real chuckle inducing drawings are done by the subjects themselves. The off the cuff question and answer section yields funny answers that show these much-idolised folk don't always take themselves seriously and constantly maintain an innate curiousity that translates unsurprisingly into their work.

Audrey mascina & jérôme sans topsy turvy world.

Thomas lélu's mind is centered on one thing...

Monsieur farman talks about planes and the Wright brothers while that chandlier sends my heart soaring.

I want to move into Sébastien gaudard's home right this minute. Just perfect.

Frédéric beigbeder parties with Kate Moss judging from the many pictures around the place.

The Selby Show was recently launched at Colette in Paris with Karl Lagerfield even making an appearance. A limited edition book featuring additional watercolour paintings and photographs unseen on the site was also launched.

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