Thursday, April 9, 2009

Je T'aime Yves Saint Laurent

Maison YSL, how many items do I covet at the moment?

Breathtakingly buttery black leather thats made in Italy, I've been dreaming of owning my very own Oversized Muse Buffalo for forever. Yes, it has my heart firmly under that shiny brass lock and key. Sigh.

Since we're reaching for the stars here, this signature design, gold Multi Stone Necklace studded with coloured enamel and glass stones is the perfect bauble to wear to the MET. No, not to the ball! Just simple dark jeans, a black cashmere pullover and this beauty nonchalantly draped across the neck. Ok, maybe we're talking the Louvre perhaps.

This luscious, lazy looking 'easy Handbag in soft leather' adds instant chic when you've just tumbled out of bed, late for a rendezvous. Makes minimal makeup and messy hair look sexy and deliberately rumpled. The discreet Y stitched subtly into the side shows fashion cred without adding obvious flash.

Well obviously je préfère les deux sacs but if I have to choose between the black and sapphire bleu... well I can't!

You know I have the feeling that should you misplace this precious 'Belle de Jour' clutch, no one's gonna return it to the address...

Inspired by an underwater coral? This eyecatching cocktail ring of Old Gold and Lapis looks like something a Russian heiress or a gypsy might wear.

Yves was the first to put les femmes in tuxedos so its no surprise that this Men's trench is as appealing to us as it is to the garçons!

Now if only a bottomless bank account would fall into my lap.

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