Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tart - Tongue

I made a tart last night and couldn't be happier. Love the elegant simplicity of these cheery yellow slices that look mild yet thrill your tastebuds, contrasting the sourness of lemons against sinful sweet pastry.

A French classic, flaky tart shell with zingy lusciously creamy lemon curd. C'est parfait.

This rich ricotta tart looks equally perfect for a dinner party.

Tarte Citron au Citron by Pierre Hermé.

With the way he's reinvented the traditional parisian desserts with fantastical and unexpected twists, its entirely unsurprising that he upped the ante with an extra lemony dimension making this the ultimate lemon tart.

Classy too for he advises this to be served with Champagne demi-sec {medium dry champagne}.

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