Thursday, May 20, 2010

Designs by Kate Moss

The new Kate Moss for Topshop made its debut a few hours ago and some of the most popular pieces have already been sold out. It looks like Kate Moss's appeal hasn't dimmed at all so many seasons down the road. I have to admit, I'm kind of a fan. Even though most pieces I could never imagine on the supermodel herself, her collection generally includes a few items that are really rather special. Its evident that the Topshop team probably put extra thought and effort into the design process. The inspiration is usually more focused, the clothes have a romantic vintage aspect and most have nice details or unusual silhouettes. Basically just an extra something. This time around, I love the textures used, the oh so delicate lace, the silks and satins, the flowy chiffon, the gorgeous ruching and the faded colours of yesteryear.
All I can say is good luck and act quickly! If you manage to get hold of some of these or have your eye on certain ones, please share! Hopefully, these pictures will lend some beauty to your week...


  1. That peasanty looking dress (to the left of the bra) is my favorite. It is so simple and bohemian. I think I would wear it every day this summer.

  2. I know, its so easy to wear with the graceful sleeves and the perfect length.
    The piece I'm not so crazy about though is the minty green jumpsuit which for some reason reminds me of an ABBA costume.

  3. first collection in a while that i've loved from kate

  4. love everything about this collection, colours, fabric! x

  5. Awesome blog, very inspirational. I love all your posts and even had to go back pages!
    Will be back for more :)

    Hope you can visit mine and maybe even follow?

  6. i love everything! too bad that it´s a bit pricey just because there´s kate moss on the tag.


  7. Looove Topshop! If only we had one in Chicago :)

  8. love these photos of kate! and top shop is soo amazing! i wish we had one in LA :] thanks for the comment on our blog! we are now following you, hope you will do the same!

    xo, camilla