Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet smelling Mondays

Sweet smelling Mondays because I was just reminded of the intensely floral scent of one of my shampoos, the kind where you walk around like a fresh bouquet all day and people ask what perfume you're wearing. The kind that puts a spring in your step and acts as an instant mood uplifter. We all need Mondays to be good hair days, after all gorgeous hair somehow starts the day off on a bright note and makes going into work all the more pleasant. I love that clean, shiny, bouncy swish, it makes me feel prettier, happier and yes, even smarter. Caffeine has no effect on me sad to say, I blame that on the fact that my Grandma must have been slipping me some since I was a kid. You know, like the Italians and their vino. So Mondays should always be good hair days, that way we can start off the week looking fabulous with the bright sunshine pouring in through floor to ceiling boardroom windows and casting their vitamin enhanced rays on healthy, glossy tresses. By the time friday rolls around, messy, tangled, just got out of bed because I can't believe I slept so late hair can simply be passed off as sexily tousled. With a careless smudge of dark eye shadow, you'll be all ready for the weekend! So we've got ourselves a plan?