Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Milly's loft studio

I stumbled across these set of images while searching for images for my latest project. Everytime vacation rolls around, I become gripped with a feverish need to re-decorate, re-think my spaces and create a fresh palate that will inspire me in my daily life for the next few months. This time, my goal is to turn a seldom used 'study' into a glamourous dressing room with more room for clothes, shoes and accessories but still with a desk and little workspace tucked in. Pity, I don't have a walk in closet since every fashion lover knows that there is never enough room to build a proper 'collection' with enough space to view them in their mesmerising, colourful glory. But if you're crazy about interior design on top of fashion as I am, it makes the task so much more complicated for a room to be decorated in a way that makes me completely happy. I won't be able to stop obsessing and working on it until I'm totally contented with a chic space that looks and feels good.

This whimsical light-filled loft houses Milly's design studio, sitting 20 floors above street level in the heart of Manhatten's garment district. Milly's creator Michelle Smith wanted the space to reflect the style of Milly's brand -clean, smart, sexy, and glamorous. Sophisticated yet whimsical. Tailored yet chic. Pristine white walls are filled with bursts of colur in the form of bright prints and hues that have helped to inspire the Milly collection.

The mix of vintage and modern can be seen in the sturdy French love seat and matching chairs that have been reupholstered in Milly's signature chain-link jacquard in shocking pink. The very stylish lucite chairs and sputnik chandelier, not to mention the vivid bolts of wonderful fabric creates an energetic atmosphere that I would love to re-create. All on a budget of course!
Its clear I have my work cut out for me but I'm glad to have stolen a glimpse into this glorious showroom inspired by the iconic Holly Golightly and Lana Turner. A practical office and a comfortable home for racks and racks of beautiful frocks all in one. A tall order certainly but one that will hopefully inspire me to create my own stylish haven!

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  1. I love the pink and white chair and setee, chic!

  2. the pefect creative space!!!

  3. i want to move in! lol, looks like a perfect spot to designe clothes :P

  4. great inspiration lovely outfit looks amazing

  5. such an inspiring post. i love the shot of the rolls of fabric. beautiful.

    xo Alison

  6. fabulous photos! the space looks really great