Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The widest grin and snappy style

You Guys!!! I don't really say that often but I'm joyous today! Free hugs everybody:) It's finally back to embracing life with wide open arms. I have to start making a list of crazy things to do. Want to help me? Leave me suggestions of all the things you've ever wanted to do but haven't dared or gotten a chance to yet. I'm a total adrenaline junkie, have I told you? I've gone sky diving, bungee jumping, flown a plane you name it. I still want to sit in a race car and visit the ferrari town of Maranello in Italy. I want to go to a formula one race in Monaco and jump off a cliff somewhere wild and dangerous and beautiful. But those are farflung dreams and not likely to happen right now. Today I'm going to jump for joy and whoop like a mad woman and have a permanently happy grin on my face.
This editorial sums up my mood perfectly. I'm going to take gorgeous Caroline Winberg's cue and buy a big bunch of fresh flowers, tilt my head up to the sun, eat chocolate cupcakes, strut on the street, carry colourful balloons, catch up on the latest news in the papers and slowly sip a steaming cup of coffee with nary a care in the world. Pity moving to New York isn't possible!
And yes, today I'm going to throw open my closet and take out all my neglected clothes again. No more late night study session sweats. Then again... with Caroline sporting such comfortable looking cropped sweatshirts and grey trackpants, it looks like all I need is a classic trench, new shiny boots and a sassy haircut to pull everything together stylishly again!
-Have a brilliant week loves-


  1. What a cute post C.
    I love it- I have alking abou list like the one you are talking about.What to do before I die.
    I think you should book a travel ticket, somewhere you never been before;)Do you want to come to Oslo, in Norway, just let me know.
    Or do as I did today, buy yourself some pretty flowers, a new fashion mag and just enjoy life;)
    Have a great night.
    Have a great day

  2. So happy for you! :) Hugs back!

    And yes, this editorial is just amaaaazing!!! (hehe i posted it too ;)