Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vividly Chanel

Ça va? Its been such a great week! I finally watched Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, the story of Coco's life after Boy Capel's sad and untimely death. If you watched Coco avant Chanel, and I'm sure you did, this is a great watch as it picks up on her next affaire d'amour with Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. The scenes I enjoyed the most however was Coco's journey to Grasse and her meetings with perfumer Ernest Beaux, culminating in the eventual creation of the famed Chanel number 5.

Watching the delicate pink, red and white flower petals being tossed together outside the perfumery and continuing on into the laboratory where everyone worked with dedicated fervour was a sheer delight. I almost wished that I could smell the wonderful scents that would have have completed the sensory joy that the quaint surroundings evoked. It was exciting to see the final choices slowly whittled down in the beautiful garden compounds with Coco evaluating the individual vials and discarding those that were 'too sweet' or 'too vinegary'. Finally she settles on a scent which she pronounces as being 'the one', the perfumer nods, looks at the vial she picked among the others and says 'number 5'. And that, if the movie is to be believed depicts the lovely tale of how the classic fragrance came to be.

Since the perfume is all about confidence and sensuality, this set of images seems to capture perfectly how a modern Chanel woman might look and feel on a hot summer's day. I'm very inspired by the vivid colours in the background and her woven basket makes me think this weekend might be great for some marketing and maybe even a spanish supper...
Have an exhilarating weekend friends!


  1. Awesome...that movie is in my "must seen" film list! :)

  2. ah, stillll have not seen it! really wanting to though...
    lovely photos!

  3. It's such a wonderful film! I adore watching it again and again :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend -- thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and for your comment...