Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Books as Art

While looking for inspiration at Kate Spade's 'behind the curtain' I came across this 2006 installation that Kate & Andy Spade did at Colette. A gallery wall of unusual book jacket designs, from the rarest edition titles to those found in second hand bins.
Long time book collectors', the exhibition evolved around the idea of "an argument for looking at books instead of reading them".
Interesting proposition! I adore the wall of glossily framed covers, did Kate Spade start the original trend do you think? She does it very well. I've seen a few photographs on other blogs of similar displays in her shops.

Guilty! I do buy books at times simply because I was helplessly drawn to the covers. I have a weakness for autographed copies by my favourite authors too. However I do try to walk on by if I love the illustration but admit logically that the story is one I'll never read. How many of you experience the same tug of war when it comes to beautiful books?

I have the same copy of Franny and Zooey though mine's not as old.


  1. Love the displays! I also buy books for the covers, I'm sorry to admit. I wish I had time to read them all, but I don't. I'm just drawn to the lovely artwork.

  2. I know, its a terrible habit! I always tell myself I'll get to them when the holidays come around...but in the meantime they just sit pretty on the bookcase.