Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maximilian Sinsteden

The standard shoebox dorm room transformed into a luxurious den that actually reminds me slightly of the much talked about liquor store turned J.Crew in newyork.
A French and art history major, its no wonder the tiny room is furnished with an eye for bold colour and a flair for the dramatic.
The place is like a small canvas splattered with layer upon layer of intensely coloured paint, using all available shades in the palette, creating an end result that is fascinating and compelling.

Plaid and paisley sheets, oriental rugs, chinoiserie lampshades and green walls usually conjure a decidedly horrifying image but the surroundings put together deftly by this talented 21 year old who already owns his own interior design company is unexpectedly warm and welcoming.
He calls the look eclectic but it actually brings to mind a typically British sitting room or study, albeit updated with youthful tones.
You'd never guess it but there's some Ikea thrown in too.

I can't imagine a college senior going through that vast array of ties on a daily basis but I imagine he must have been voted “preppiest in the class” for a reason!

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  1. 21 years old? I'm impressed! I'm almost 50 and still trying to decorate. LOVE the room!