Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boxes and BrushStrokes

I'd like to collapse on my bed just like that! I've spent the last 24hrs packing madly. BUT In a few hours, finally all the beech coloured built-ins will be removed and new all white furniture will take its place. I've been planning this for ages now, much much more closet space and beautiful shelves for my precious tomes. Lastly, a queen sized bed with a bedhead upholstered in exquisite French damask. Oh, I'd like to squeal with delight! Well, I would if I had an ounce of strength left in my poor limbs..

{These gorgeous paintings all by Janet Woodward-Hill, a lovely and talented artist from Stratford Ontario. I'm still trying to get an original but they're snapped up in seconds! Prints fron her etsy shop are available- here. Though they go pretty quickly too.}

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