Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights

Quintessential British beauty Sophie Dahl's cookbook delights me as much The Man with the Dancing Eyes.
The always radiant, pretty as a peach grand-daughter of Roald Dahl was first discovered as a voluptuous model but has since become 'sylphy as a sapling'.
No more as curvy but still enchanting with her huge doe eyes and porcelain complexion, Sophie shares her passion for cooking in this new tome.

The recipes vary according to the seasons so you can always buy the freshest ingredients for healthily prepared meals. Sinful desserts, of course, are also sneakily stashed in.
Funny anecdotes and whimsical drawings done by Sophie herself are also good reason to settle down into a cushiony old armchair with a steaming cup of tea and simply read it like a novel. However, perusing the lovely book and devouring the impeccably selected photographs shot with plenty of natural sunshine but make you hungry enough to venture out for some grocery shopping, or at least a spot of lunch.

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