Friday, May 8, 2009

Perfect Lace

Is it not pure lacy perfection? With spare time aplenty I've finally started playing catch up on some of the fall Runway looks.
It was a stellar performace indeed {sorry couldn't resist} from Stella McCartney as she once again created looks that were appealingly feminine yet completely modern.

Lace was so lightly yet intricately manipulated that at the risk of sounding too starry-eyed, it looked like fairies must have sewn them straight onto the models with moonlight as a guide.
Combined with sharply cut blazers- a Stella McCartney signature, the looks, unbelievable as it may initially seem could effortlessly go from day to night.

Lawfirm to la fête with a quick toss of a coat. And those metallic skyskraper heels? Who'll object?

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